Gert Steinheimer / Eikon Südwest

Feature film, suspense / thriller, 80 minutes, GER 2009

Production Company
Eikon Südwest
in coproduction with Li Cam and Timeline Studios




Gert Steinheimer

Director of photography
Pascal Rémond

Gert Steinheimer

Executive producer
Christian Drewing

Christian Drewing

Principal cast
Johanna Klante ( EVA )
Nikola Kastner ( SABINE )
Adrian Topol ( MIKE )
Bernhard Bulling ( JÜRGEN )
Andreas Hoppe ( HIKER )






A „simply life „ vacation at a remote cabin in the black forest turns into a nightmare for two young couples.

Looking for an adventurous change from their comfortable everyday lives, Eva, Sabine, Jürgen and Mike
head off for a one week getaway in an abandoned farmhouse in the dephts of the Black Forest.
Secluded and surrounded by thick and mysterious forests, the farmhouse „Wunderlehof“ is anything but easily accesible.
The young vacationers get dropped off by the forest ranger. After he leaves, they are on their own. Equipped only with the
most essential provisions for a week´s stay and a DV camera – their only concession to modern technology.


Gaffer – Stefan Bodenhaupt
Sound – Rüdiger Fleck
Art direction – Benedikt Herré
Music – Andreas Adler & Jo Matz
Dramaturgy – Wolfgang Tumler
Editor – Arne Wanner
Production Manager – Mathias Erbacher

Principal photography
September / October 2007

Financial partners
Medien- u. Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (MFG)

Kinostar AG

World sales
Sola Media GmbH